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tv   News  ABC  July 27, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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now, good morning maryland. >> it's 5:30, the pentagon is looking into who leaked military documents to the internet and then made its way to you. >> there was a water fountain in the marriott waterfront, but not on purpose. and a new way to board a plane. what they are doing in houston today and whether you will like it. wait until you hear this. good morning maryland. i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. a beautiful night last night. >> everybody was outside. >> i know, walking around,
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sitting outside. that includes justin burke. did you do anything outside last night? >> just sitting there and breathing in that fresh air. it was so nice. as we had a drop in the humidity, that allowed the clear sky overnight. to bring our temperatures back into the 60s this morning. this afternoon, we'll get close to 90. we can't avoid having those days here in baltimore. this weekend's outlook, it's going to turn even cooler and much more pleasant. we may have turned a corner here. i think we have seen the peek of the heat and now the slow slide in the end of summer. 60 -- did i say the end of summer? i have a friend in arizona, the kids are back in school now this week. so be grateful we have another month. 69 in the school in owings mills. although the sunrise still a half hour away. and we are looking at rosemont elementary at 69 degrees in the city. we are so nice. sunshine will mix with a few
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clouds this afternoon. at 5:31, let's see what is happening on the roads. kim brown. >> that's right, an amazing evening last night and we are off to a busy start this morning. we have a couple incidents to let you know about. east middle street is closed for that injury accident earlier, involving a prison transport vehicle, also you are going to see at moore road, the right lane and shoulder continue to be taken away because of down power lines in the roadway. as you take a look around the cameras, traffic flowing very nice. both inner and outer loop moving with no problems. here on the west side, a little bit of moderate volume as you make your way towards i-70. no problems or delays here. here on the west side as well. traffic moving very nice in both directions. both the harrisburg expressway and 95 checking in with no problems. megan and jamie, back to you. >> this story is as bad as it gets. murdered and it happened while
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he was on the phone with his mother. this morning, two people sit in jail while the hopkins community grieves the loss of a promising young man. linda so is live with the latest. >> steven stook out as a hopkins researcher. he was doing great work in breast cancer research. recently he was promoted to be a lab manager and today he would have turned 24. police arrested and charged two people in his murder. john wagner and lavelva merritt are no strangers to police. merritt has a history of drug convictions. police say pitcairn was walking home. police say they took his wallet and stabbed pitcairn in the chest. a man who lives on st. paul street ran outside to help. he stayed with him until he died, holding his hand, not wanting him to be alive.
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the man asked us not to show his face and alter his voice. > i told him don't try to talk, because i told him to just hang in there and i prayed for him and told him i was praying for him. hope they have the right person. i hope that they have people locked up so they won't do this to anybody else. >> and pitcairn hoped to enroll in medical school at hopkins. those who worked with him said it is a terrible loss. linda so, abc2 news. an online bomb shell has the pentagon now poking around. this is being called one of the biggest leaks in military history. will it hurt the war effort in afghanistan? for that, we turn to john henn john hendren. >> there are names, there are
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lagistics, there are sources. >> biggest security breech in u.s. military history. 92,000 classified documents published on the website. the leak records detail missions gone horribly wrong, helicopters shot down and allies playing a deadly double cross with americans. all of them setting off alarm bells in washington. >> it poses a real and potential threat to those that are working hard every day to keep us safe. >> 180 of the dispatchers suggest pakistan's military is helping the afghan insurgents attack american troops and is generally responsible for suicide operations in cabo. the u.s. officials, it adds up to an enormous embarrassment. >> i'm looking forward to my meeting with the defense minister. >> the documents were fed to a former community hacker, army intelligence -- now behind bars in kuwait and accused of document theft. >> he thought there was a lot
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being covered up. >> the hacker thought the soldier was endangering lives. >> i would have wondered for the rest of my life, did i get somebody killed? >> the documents detail a 2007 command raid gone wrong. after five rockets struck an alleged al-qaeda compound, super secret delta force arrived to find seven dead children and no al-qaeda leader. john hendren, abc2 news, washington. he's expected to make the official announcement that tony heyward will step down in september. the new boss will likely be robert dudley. he would become the first american ceo for the british oil company. salaries in one town led to a big backlash. four of the five part-time council members are making nearly $100,000 a year. the city's chief administrative
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officer earning nearly $800,000 a year before he resigned last week. the city council has voted to slash its pay up to 90%. the mayor of bell, california says he will not run for reelection. >> i read that the town has high unemployment. ford introduced the new 2011 explorer. let's take a look at it. the suv is built on a car platform. and the auto maker is promising to improve fuel efficiency by up to 30% with this current model. >> it brings to customers everything they loved about their suv. that strong design, powerful image, and a lot of capability to get them to their vacation site, but it also addresses some of the reasons that customers left suv's. >> the explorer will be built in chicago. it's expected to hit showrooms by the end of 2010. >> this could be coming to an
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airport near us. continental airlines is testing self-boarding at house one intercontinental airport. you swipe your boarding pass at the kiosk and it opens a turnstile to the jet bridge. an agent will be on hand to handle your problems or other service needs you may have. the transportation security administration determined that the procedure does not impact passenger safety. what do you think of that? >> i don't know. they seem to be changing things when you fly, but this doesn't sound like it's that big of a difference. >> it's like checkout. >> exactly. hey, a monster raging out of control. >> by air and land. crews are now battling this wild fire that forced hundreds out of their homes. >> all right, tens and thousands in dc are still powerless after sunday's storm. how long before the lights could come back on? right now, here is justin burke with your weather. >> 5:38, we are taking a look at temperatures in western howard county.
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60 this morning. 60 degrees. all of that just seems so nice. let me get a little bit of patchy fog out there. we are until the mid 60s to around 70 downtown. stay tuned, weather is next. let's go to the mta and check in with mark jones. >> good morning, you'll find the number 77 bus northbound with a diversion at hill top and commons, that's due to construction. look for the 51 bus to be diverted and the 33 with a diversion. light rail metro, subway, and mark all look good for travel. for the mta transit team, i'm mark jones. this is the back to school list. the cost always makes m freak. mommy. mom, the back to school list is here. looks expensive. graphing calculator, flash drive... that was easy. [ male announcer ] get back to school and back to savings
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it could take days to restore power to hundreds and thousands of people around the nation's capital. the washington, d.c. area. this is after that storm downed power lines, broke electric poles and damaged transformers. more than 30,000 people were without power. officials say they hadn't seen a similar outage since hurricane isabel in 2003. regional utility reported that earlier today, more than 159,000 customers still in the dark. dc and neighboring maryland
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counties. let's take a look at our weather. here is justin burke. >> 5:42, at least we have good weather for those cleanup crews. we are looking at temperatures into the 60s. for the most part in central maryland. actually, take that in the eastern shore at 64, go back west towards dc and dulles. 66 back towards hagerstown and right here in town. baltimore, checking in with 68. although we are holding in the 70s. we have clear skies, a few high clouds filtering in as we start bringing back some more humidity this afternoon. we have a pleasant morning and this afternoon, not too shabby with our 2-degree guarantee. we check out that weekend outlook, which is fantastic in a couple of minutes. let's go to the roads with kim. >> traffic is doing well for the most part around the area. we have a couple areas of trouble, including one accident in baltimore city that has a
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road closed. as you make your way around the baltimore outer loop. that is a five minute ride. 95 southbound running very smoothly. no issues between the 83 on the very topside of the outer loop. in baltimore city, east middle street is closed at green mount avenue, as they are in the clearing stages of an injury accident involving a prisoner, transport vehicle. police remain on the scene there. and down in arnold, richy highway at moore road, they have some downed wires from those storms from just a couple days ago that is blocking the right lane and shoulder in both directions. the left lane does get by both northbound and southbound. pretty much without any issue. sherrie johnson is in the studio. she has the latest on one of today's top stories. >> good morning. more than 900 people are evacuated. i'm sherrie johnson. find out when the hotel could reopen.
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good times. [ male announcer ] get back to school and back to savings on everything on your list at staples. that was easy. we are back here at 5:47. it's the marriott waterfront.
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last night, around 4:30, a pop, a break, and a gush of water as an inside pipe broke. abc2 news, sherrie johnson said the hotel had to be evacuated. > hotel managers hoped to have that hotel open by tonight. 900 people were evacuated after a 4-inch pipe burst in the stairwell of the fourth floor of the hotel yesterday. this rupture caused major flooding. guests were bussed to other hotels in the area. the hotel was practically sold out for the night with several groups in town for a convention. you can imagine that pipe burst is a major inconvenience. when firefighters arrived, they found guests outside the hotel on the sidewalk and wandering around. >> most importantly for them, they want to make sure the guests are comfortable. it is warm outside, but they are trying to get their guests to other hotels as fast as they can and get the water leak managed. >> we are told firefighters have been on the scene monitoring that situation and
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once again, hotel management says they hope to reopen later tonight. in the studio, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. 5:49 right now. new this morning, today investigators with the national transportation safety board will talk about what caused a metro train crash that killed nine people last summer. the ntsb will vote on the probable cause and make recommendations to avoid a similar tragedy. eight passengers and a train operator were killed when a train slammed into another one that was stopped on the tracks back in june of 2009. all right, here we go. first, november tuesday, right? it's going to drift into the first of november wednesday. i mean, this is so close now. you know it's going to come down to the wire. a new poll is out. it shows martin o'malley. gonzales called 807 registered voters and the poll was
5:50 am
conducted two weeks ago and every poll that we reported on so far this summer has shown the same thing. both candidates have a chance to win this thing in november. the number one issue gonzales found out was the economy. now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> 5:50. we have a pleasant start this morning. let's take a deep breath, recap. it is 5:50 in the morning. sunrise is just about 11 minutes away here in baltimore. we are looking at owings mills. humidity, a pleasant morning. we'll take you downtown as we are looking to the rosemont elementary school. they are having that wind out of the north at 7 miles per hour. we are in good shape this morning in the city and beyond with nice pleasant temperatures. highlighting clear skies across
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most of maryland, with some storms on down towards the south, right along the virginia and north carolina border and some clouds back to the west. we may filter in clouds. completely crisp, blue sky all day long. we will be watching very active weather pattern across the south. this one will flair up with widespread showers and thunderstorms. you can see that humidity yesterday. it will bubble up again today. this environment will try to make a slow return back towards the mid atlantic. we expect to have the clouds come back in today and we'll get a taste of storms, just a little taste tomorrow, maybe more so on thursday before a brand-new weather pattern builds in. here's the set up for today. that takes us with a mostly sunny morning. more clouds will try to mix in during the afternoon. and any of those clouds will hold the temperatures in check. about 70 to 75 is where we will stack up by this point tomorrow
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morning. the extended outlook looks good. a slight chance of a thundershower in the afternoon and a better chance of storms as we crank up humidity on thursday. then we drop back and that is the 80s. on friday, 88 degrees. 87 on saturday. and a small chance of a thundershower on sunday. i think we'll take that after a beautiful day and a high of 86. let's see what is happening back on the roads. >> check this out, we had an earlier accident in baltimore city. that just got cleared. now it is closed again because of a broken water main. you had to turn left or right or you can use chase street as an alternate. we are all going to be in the green. we don't have any delays around the major roadways. 6 minutes southbound from the split down to 295. between the beltway and route 32, that's a 15 minute trip. on the southwest corner, only six minutes so far as we look
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at our cameras. traffic moving very well here on 83 southbound at warren road. no problems as you approach 695. stay with us, we have more good morning maryland coming back after this. mommy. mom, the back to school list is here. looks expensive. graphing calculator, flash drive... that was easy. [ male announcer ] get back to school and back to savings on everything on your list at staples. mommy. mom, the back to school list is here. looks expensive. graphing calculator, flash drive... that was easy. [ male announcer ] get back to school and back to savings on everything on your list at staples. ?♪ with 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, 'ay, ua if
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stories making news around the nation, two firefighters are dead after a crash involving a fire truck and an suv in virginia. the accident happened on route 40. witnesses say after hitting an suv, the fire truck rolled two times and landed on top of a ford mustang. >> let's go out to southern california. we are in the city of kernville. it is on fire right now. it scorched 2,000 acres, threatening several buildings. 200 firefighters are in the air and on the ground. seven water dropping helicopters and tankers have been called in to get this fire under control. nobody has been injured. everybody is leaving their houses. when that thing gets going. >> the pictures are incredible. coming up next on good morning maryland at 6:00, you are a nervous wreck about sending your kid off to college. >> we'll tell you the top five ways to keep them safe on campus and ease your fears. >> plus, take a look at this
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helps regulate your digestive system in two weeks. mmmm. activia light is not light on taste! and with only 70 calories activia light helps make it easier to watch my weight. it helps me feel good and look good too! ♪ activia now, good morning maryland. >> he was trying to save lives only to lose his in the worst way. more on the murder of a hopkins star. >> one of the biggest leaks in our history. find out what it is doing. >> and another leak forced guests to spend the night elsewhere. it's a rough wakeup call at the marriott waterfront. i'm jamie costello. >> and i'm megan pringle. >> beautiful night last night, i hope you got out and enjoyed it. >> a relief from the oppressive heat. hopefully you can keep it going.


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